Sunday, December 2, 2007


Hello hello hello...the event was much better attended yesterday but still not exactly what most of the vendors had expected. I don't think it helped that a snowstorm rolled in, in the evening.

The first shot is our overall booth:

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of our first set-up, I should be getting those shortly. This is the final product. We had set it up so that people would come into our booth and shop around. Well, the majority either didn't think they could or just didn't want to, so we moved a sampling of our items onto our tables. The table on the right has a sampling and the table on the left is a small make and take.

These are the wooden ornaments one of the other ladies made, none sold. Then there you see my bags underneath, none of those sold either!

Oooppsss..I forgot to take a picture of the wall between the wooden ornaments and the tree in the corner. Anyways, on that wall we had special pre-order albums, my 3x3 note card boxes, reindeer food, and hanging with had some tiles. Those little 2x2 tiles. If you click on the corner image, you'll see them hanging there.

The red book was a Christmas album, and below it you'll see the tiles I was speaking off. The tree held the large ornaments, which ended up being are biggest sellers, and the smaller ornaments which were filled with re-inkers and dazzling diamonds!

Then this wall contained our large glass ornaments, under them was my Holiday Planner and Birthday Books, and below those we had large vases stamped and a matching hood. Next to the large glass bulbs were our MAN-uals, and below those 4x4 albums and squash books. We did sell a few of the 4x4 albums.

The section of our wall held tile coasters and blocks. Unfortunately, we didn't have any electricity so our glass blocks couldn't be lit up and I think that was a HUGE disadvantage to them.We sold a few but nothing compared to what we could have. Oooohhhh, and I forgot to mention my favorite creation: my topiary tree!!!! Isn't it beautiful? I received a lot of compliments but sold none of them.

Unfortunately this show was a huge bust for us. Speaking to other vendors, it was a huge bust for them as well. I think the general consensus is that times are just tough right now in Michigan.

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