Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas Cards I

Talk about stressed. This is my first time doing a craft show and our first time at this venue.

This is one set of the cards that I will be selling. I absolutely love creating this wreath with the Snowflake Spot and who doesn't love some bling?

Simple, perhaps, but I like that about it. Sometimes when things have a lot going on, I can never decide. Honestly, it's the holly that makes me say WOW.

These will be sold in packs of 10.

Whisper White cardstock
Certainely Celery ink
Mellow Moss ink
Real Red ink
The Snowflake Spot

1 comment:

bcoons said...

Hi There

The card is a wonderful idea!

I participate in craft shows up in Ontario, and am curious how much you would sell your pack of 10 cards for? If you could wouldn't mind sharing with me, my e-mail is

Thanks very much =)

Bonita Coons